Trending Options for Home Remodeling on Johns Island

Choosing Among Popular Home Remodeling Options 

Home remodeling for Johns Island properties is unique to each homeowner and their needs. While Santangelo might be a leading contractor performing these remodels and renovations, the changes to the structure are as personal and diverse as those requesting them. We listen to what you need and help you understand your options to feel good about the work and the outcome you expect. The process might begin for some with understanding the current trends of remodeling in the region.

Upgrading Your Garage

There is no mistaking the size and square footage of most of the residences in the community, so having an equally luxurious or functional garage can be a preferred type of home remodeling in Johns Island. The garage can be a workshop for many, a storage place for seasonal items, or a home for project cars or prized automobiles. Our professionals can help with changes that suit your needs, including more parking ports, improved storage capacities, or even just new garage doors that give the exterior a needed aesthetic boost.

Creating a Charming Pool House 

In-ground pools are a common feature in many of the community’s homes. The creation of a pool house serves multiple functions for homeowners, namely, to keep those swimming from coming in and out of the main house to use the facilities, to get snacks, or for any other reason. Island residents have even modified their pool house to accommodate a guest, providing a separate sleeping and rest location when entertaining company that is private for their visitors.

Where Should Your Home Remodeling Begin?

Home remodeling could also impact the home, creating new spaces for changing needs of the house occupants. Some of these popular remodeling projects our contractors can help with include:

  • Offices – More people are working from home, so you might be looking at how you can convert low-traffic portions of your house into a functioning office.
  • Bedrooms – New family members moving in? Give them their space by renovating unused portions of your home into a bedroom.
  • Recreation Areas – Adding fun spaces like home theaters, recreational rooms, and gaming centers help you spend more quality time with the family.
  • Additional Bathroom – Sometimes, you find that adding a bathroom can relieve the congestion of these spaces for your family. You might also have greater difficulty with stairs or obstacles in reaching current bathroom layouts.

Santangelo Construction understands all home remodeling in Johns Island is unique, and we want to help you create the ideal living space. Give our professionals a call for an appointment at (561) 301-3954.

Design Consultants Show What’s Possible

In the earliest stages of planning, we are devoted to learning what your motivations behind remodeling and renovation are. We ask pertinent questions and express multiple options, when possible, to achieve your desired results. Our experienced design team shows material options and helps to create a concrete plan to move to the next step of the building process. Even if all you have to start is an idea, we can help that become a positive change in your household.

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