The Right Time for Home Remodeling in Vero Beach

What Drives Home Remodeling Projects?

Much like the diverse architectures and residents of the coastal communities we serve, home remodeling in Vero Beach changes dramatically from one property to the next. Santangelo Construction is a trusted name to assist with your project, and we can help you understand how to make the most of your motivation for renovating. Some of the standard driving forces of remodels include:

Improving Conditions of the House 

One of the primary focuses of home remodeling in Vero Beach is changing certain factors and conditions of the residence. Often, a changing family dynamic, such as a new addition to the household or relatives moving in, could create an immediate need to reconfigure the property’s layout and the purpose of unused rooms.

  • New Layout – Many homeowners, when moving into a home, realize they have no control over the layout of the rooms. Home remodeling for Vero Beach can often highlight your desires and imagination for the home and help you make necessary changes to make the property suit you better.
  • More oversized Living Spaces – Even with many of the luxury homes and homes with substantial square footage, some of the rooms inside can be unnecessarily small. Unused portions of the property can get repurposed to make high-traffic living areas more spacious and accommodating, such as eliminating a sitting room to widen a bathroom and creating a spacious walk-in closet for a master bedroom.
  • Higher Ceilings – High-vault ceilings are a popular trend in modern houses, especially in the larger residences found on Vero Beach. Even increasing the headroom in the standard 8-foot ceiling height can make rooms appear and feel more spacious. Santangelo Construction can find this needed space if the attic is not used by minimizing this confined area above the main floor or a higher story in the structure.

Upgrading Features of the Residence

When you consider upgrades and changes to specific rooms of the property, it is easy to see how remodeling can improve critical areas’ function. The bathroom, for example, has many luxury upgrades like a steam shower, improved lighting, and warmed tile flooring that could completely change how you feel about this room of the house. We help you discover what is possible within your budget and the choices that make the most sense for your life.

Increasing the Property’s Value

Many decisions about home remodels or renovations in Vero Beach come from calculating the return on investment (ROI.) This figure is the amount a property’s value can increase against the money spent to change the house. Some of the modifications and upgrades possible for your residence yield a high ROI, which is a desirable outcome for homeowners that might consider putting their property on the market in the future. Some of the remodels that offer a higher ROI figure can include the following:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Recreational Areas
  • Finished Attics

Home Remodeling in Vero Beach By Santangelo Construction

Santangelo Construction can help with home remodeling in Vero Beach, renovations, and new complete construction projects tailored to your specifications. We are devoted to quality and client satisfaction, starting with your first phone call to (561) 301-3954.

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