Santangelo Construction Is a Growing Remodeler in Hobe Sound

New Construction or Remodeler in Hobe Sound Homes Deciding to make changes to the layout or function of your residence can be an involved process. Improving available space and amenities can happen through remodeling or new construction. Santangelo Construction, a trusted remodeler, can often find solutions that do not require the extensive preparation, planning, and … Read more

Santangelo Offers Multiple Types of Home Remodeling in Stuart

Understanding Your Options for Home Remodeling in Stuart. Many homeowners have looked to our Santangelo general contractor team for home remodeling in Stuart. Each situation and motivation is different for these significant changes to a home, so we work to help you go over all of your options.  Cosmetic Renovation for Stuart Homes Home remodeling … Read more

Santangelo Construction for Kitchen Remodeling on Orchid Island

What Is Kitchen Remodeling on Orchid Island? Santangelo Construction provides various kitchen remodeling levels for Orchid Island homes, and these types change the length of construction, the overall cost, and how intrusive the project might seem. Three distinct remodel levels for your kitchen include: Reconstruction Replacement Cosmetic Completing the Project with a Budgetary Ceiling Along … Read more

Santangelo Construction Provides Bathroom Remodeling for Stuart

When Is the Best Time for Bathroom Remodeling in Stuart? The bathroom is one of the heavily used rooms of your home, but it does not always get the attention and aesthetic upgrades it might deserve. Bathroom remodeling for Stuart houses can seem invasive and complicated, but our talented Santangelo Construction professionals can help. First, … Read more

Kitchen Remodeling in Hobe Sound

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for Luxury Homes With many luxury homes in the community, you would not entrust your kitchen remodeling for Hobe Sound homes to just anyone. You want a knowledgeable team regarding current trends and a remodeler with experience and focus on customer satisfaction and craftsmanship. If you consider changing the appearance or function … Read more

Right Now, Is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Vero Beach Property.

There are several times ideal for considering options to increase the property value or function of the house.  You might not always consider the possibilities of remodeling, especially following damage from natural disasters or a changing dynamic in the family. In many ways, even with its upfront costs, renovations, additions, and remodels can be a … Read more

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