What You Should Know When it Comes to Custom Home Building for Vero Beach

What Does Custom Vero Beach Home Building Mean?  

As one of the leading contractors of Vero Beach for home renovations and remodeling, many property owners have already experienced the focus and craftsmanship of our talented team. Unlike individual projects like home additions and renovations, we specialize in the layout and construction of custom residences that suit the family’s needs completely in size, space, function, and amenities. But what does it mean to customize new construction? 

The Importance of a Custom Home 

Santangelo Construction is one of the reputable custom home builders in Vero Beach. We have an experienced staff that can help. According to NewHomeSource, custom homes are often worth the value to many based on available options and a uniquely designed floor plan that suits your specific family dynamic and needs. More importantly, to many, custom-creating their residence is taking the biggest steps towards a forever home. This makes every decision in the process carry more weight and have far-reaching impacts on day-to-day life, the timeless look of your property, and limiting any changes or remodeling in the future. 

Designing Your New House 

Custom home builders for Vero Beach neighborhoods like Santangelo Construction cater to the specific needs of your family and its future. Our roster’s consultants and design specialists work with new customers to help map out the available land, the layout of the foundation, and individual spaces. We seek answers to hundreds of questions that influence the ultimate size of the property, number of bedrooms, amenities, and theme. 

What Custom Options Can Santangelo Offer?  

There are many choices involved in customizing your home during design and execution. Because Santangelo is a trusted name for multi-million-dollar properties and modern single-family homes for the working class, we understand that every new project will be entirely different. There are many types of specific custom options available to landowners building a residence, including: 

  • Cabinetry and Kitchens  

From the materials to hundreds of styles, shapes, and unique functions of cabinetry units, you can have a completely custom kitchen. 


  • Pools and Patios 


Residential in-ground pools are a staple of modern construction in coastal Florida. We help to create unique and attractive oases from your basic backyard. We use premium materials and complementing accents to create a relaxing space for your new home. 


  • Multi-Bay Garages  


Coastal properties and homeowners might have several vehicles, boats, and other recreational rides they want to keep safe and protected from the sun, weather, and heat. We can help design and construct multi-bay storage, shops, and garages to give you the space you need.   

Distribution and Material Partnerships 

An advantage of choosing Santangelo Construction for your building needs is our established connections and relationships with material distributors and top manufacturing companies to provide premium materials for your custom home that suit your unique style. For this reason, we can offer a wide range of options and looks for new home construction to create a complete one-of-a-kind product. Designing and building your dream home should be more than picking from a selection of pre-determined properties with set amenities and square footage. Our Santangelo Construction team helps you through every phase of creating a completely custom residence. Call today at (561) 301-3954.

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