Licensed General Contractor Vero Beach

There are multiple possibilities to how our experienced team can meet the needs of high end Vero Beach properties owners 

Becoming a trusted general contractor for Indian River County meant meeting the needs of homes and businesses in multiple ways. Our license allows us to provide aesthetic upgrades, remodeling, and even full-scale new construction when needed.

Upgrades and Minor Adjustments

One of the reasons residents might pursue a general contractor in Vero Beach is to bring about some aesthetic changes or upgrades to the house they cannot complete on their own. From changing the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen to replacing old windows with higher-rated insulated and hurricane-resistant options, these steps require skilled professionals with years of experience.

Post-Disaster Build-Back and Repairs

Disasters like flooding and storm losses can be destructive to area homes, making post-disaster repairs and reconstruction vital work our contractors perform. We can carefully assess the property’s condition and communicate with your insurance provider to ensure we meet all requirements for timely build-back. Steps include:

  • Demolition
  • Material Discarding
  • Creating a Stable Foundation
  • Reinstalling Missing Structure

Remodeling and Renovations

Whether it is one of the many luxury homes in the region or a single-family residence throughout Indian River County, specific changes to the property can improve the value, function, or appearance of these structures. Re-imagining areas like the kitchen and bathroom are among the most popular options for renovating a property and offer the greatest return on investment (ROI.)

New Construction Projects 

Another way that our experienced roster of trade workers benefits customers is through new construction. In our years serving Johns Island and the Greater Vero Beach area, we have created beautiful, intricate homes from scratch, starting with poured foundations and continuing through completely customized properties showcasing the full measure of our capabilities as a construction company. We can design through meticulous planning, maintain scheduled points to a home you envisioned.
No matter what your need for an experienced general contractor near Vero Beach, you can count on the knowledge and the craftsmanship of our Santangelo Construction team. We help properties of all sizes with upgrades, renovations, and new construction. Call our experienced consultation team today at (561) 301-3954 to schedule an appointment and see what is possible for you and your home. License No. Rg291104096

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