The Focus of Hobe Sound Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Top Improvements Through Kitchen Remodeling Hobe Sound

It is common for homeowners to consider upgrading their kitchen after extended years of use. In many studies, this improvement is one of the greater returns on investments property owners can make in both the worth of the house and the quality of life for its occupants. Santangelo Construction is equipped and trained to efficiently and expertly install some of the top improvements and luxury upgrades for kitchen remodeling in Hobe Sound.

Changing the Cabinets 

One of the top considerations for kitchen remodeling in Hobe Sound properties is addressing cabinetry. Often, this is where homeowners first begin to notice the wear of their kitchen and its dated appearance. Our construction team can offer several solutions based on the degree of change necessary to improve your thoughts on installed cabinets. Here is how we can help with your kitchen remodeling in Hobe Sound:

  • Changing Hardware – primarily handles and hinges; hardware changes can discard worn and scratched components for a matching theme across all areas.
  • Painting the Surfaces – resurfacing the doors and the face of the cabinet frames can provide the appearance of newly installed units without the cost of fully furnishing a new set.
  • Installing Custom Cabinets – custom cabinetry is one of the areas where we excel, from mapping out exactly what your kitchen needs to helping you choose among the available materials that match your vision for your new kitchen.

New Surfacing Options 

You might be surprised to learn how changing any surface in your kitchen remodeling project can dramatically impact its overall appearance. Some changes are more direct than others, but each modification is a significant step in modernizing or upgrading your current space to suit your new style.

  • Flooring – There is a growing trend of attractive flooring that is low maintenance. Colored concrete, tile, and other non-porous materials provide waterproofing for the room and can maintain an attractive appearance even after years of scuffing and wear. Vinyl planking continues to trend as a practical solution for wet and heavily trafficked floors.
  • Counters – The countertops are the workspace for everything you do in the kitchen. Their appearance and condition directly reflect the entire room, so attractive materials like stone, finished concrete, and heftier wood takes precedence in new and more luxurious kitchens.
  • Painting – Coating the room in a new color can often positively impact your feelings about the space. A new color scheme can be a subtle transformation that is less invasive or costly than full construction. Magenta is the 2023 Color of the Year. Gray is out; silvery mist is out. 

Santangelo Construction has become a trusted name to help with every type of kitchen remodeling and renovation. We stay current on active trends and can help bring your ideas of the perfect kitchen to life. Give us a call at (561) 301-3954.

Overhauling Your Kitchen Remodeling Hobe Sound

Many look to the experienced contractors of our team to help them understand the full scope of what is possible for their kitchen remodeling project in Hobe Sound. From increasing the available space and storage to completely renewing the color scheme and installed structural elements, you can dramatically change the look and function of this vital room in your house. With premium materials and expert craftsmanship, you receive a new kitchen worth getting excited over.

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