Should Your Stuart Home Renovation Be in Stages?

Second to buying your home, renovations and remodeling can be one of the most significant investments you make in residence. Each of these considerations carries important weight, such as an opportunity to increase the home’s value or improve living conditions for the family inside. The question becomes, should you consider breaking larger renovations into smaller projects?  

Making an Informed Choice for Your Home  

Home renovation for Stuart homes like yours can be as simple as exchanging fixtures in a kitchen or as complex as adding a new level to the house or expanding its layout. The more complicated and involved the overall project becomes, the more it can be enticing for homeowners to want to alleviate the initial stresses of a daunting timeline and choose one more minor component of the build at a time.  

  • Separating Renovation Projects  

Choosing to separate an extensive renovation or remodel into smaller pieces makes the project more affordable for customers not looking to dive deep into their available funds or secure loans. Creating more manageable costs means that you can be in better shape for any unexpected issues that could arise or for upgrading materials and appliances beyond initial expectations. 

Time is another factor that could make breaking a renovation project into pieces more appealing. Singular stages of a larger project mean that you have shorter spans where areas of your home are inaccessible, or you have our Santangelo Construction contractors intruding on your daily life.  

  • Widespread Remodeling  

One of the most significant factors is the availability of materials and the changes in distributors’ availability. If you want to create a universal theme spanning several areas of the house, it could be difficult to match colors and materials precisely if there are long spans between project start times.  

Similar to the allure of having fewer construction interruptions in the shorter spans of multiple phases, you can make a case that combining projects gives you a shorter overall timeline. While it might feel longer initially, the portions do not expand out over multiple months or even years to complete.  

Santangelo Construction Can Help  No matter what you decide, it would help if you had a qualified, insured, and licensed team of contracting professionals to bring your vision to life. From the earliest preparation and design stages to the final stroke of paint on a newly built wall, Santangelo Construction can help to bring your remodeling and renovation dreams to life. When you need to see a change in your home, we can help. Call us at (561) 301-3954.

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