Santangelo Home Renovation Contractors in Stuart

How Do Home Renovation Contractors in Stuart Help

Our home renovation contractors in Stuart offer hundreds of unique options suited to your household and its needs. Experienced remodeling professionals like our contracting team provide talent, expertise, and a focus on customer satisfaction in every remodeling and building project we undertake. Many look to Santangelo to offer full-service construction from planning to execution.

Amenities of Stuart Homes

Improving the amenities and function of your house is a priority of property owners considering home renovation contractors in Stuart. Santangelo can help with reimagining an unused portion of your property or drab backyard to better suit the warm weather most of the year in coastal Florida. We specialize in amenities like:

  • In-Ground Pools
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Hot tubs

Home Addition Solutions

Additions are one of the more involved and demanding ventures that change the functionality and appearance of your household. Because this does not repurpose existing space, the entire framework, supports, foundation, and utility structuring must get installed. The advantage of additions over renovations is that you do not become limited by the existing boundaries of the current room or level. Plus, square footage adds value to your home.

Remodeling and Renovations

Santangelo, the home renovation contractors in Stuart, are up on the latest trends for all remodeling and renovations. So our drive is to stay ahead of this curve to help clients understand their options, popular materials, and designs and begin executing these ideas as fast as possible. Our talented contracting team has helped with countless remodeling ventures, most notably in three distinct areas of a house:

  • Kitchen – Kitchens are a central point of your household where action converges. Our team can show the latest styles and growing trends, including hand-scraped hardwoods, custom cabinets, and multi-function islands.
  • Bathroom – You can turn an old bathroom into a spacious, accommodating respite from the noise and bustle of your daily life with heated tile floors, oversized walk-in shower stalls, and standalone tubs.
  • Attic – Many Floridians look to their attic as usable space, and renovation ideas range considerably from additional bedrooms, closets, and the home office.

Trusted Experienced Professionals

Santangelo has been in business for several years, and our reputation continues to grow based on our insistence on customer satisfaction and attention to detail. People want to get a permanent, well-installed product for their money. Because we focus so greatly on the experience of our contractors, we continue to grow and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Is Now the Time to Renovate? 

The best time to renovate and remodel is when it makes sense to do so for your family dynamic. Remodeling and renovation can be expensive depending on the extent of the work but can often cost less than the full construction of additions or separate structures on the property. Our administrative staff can help you through the planning stages by giving you detailed estimations to gauge if now is the best time to begin.

Home renovation contractors for Stuart properties provide several services ranging from additions to remodels of living space. Our Santangelo Construction team is available for a free consultation anytime and can help you through every renovation phase when you call (561) 301-3954.

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