Santangelo Helps with Kitchen Remodeling in Vero Beach

Four Important Types of Kitchen Remodeling in Vero Beach

Kitchen remodeling for Vero Beach homes is one of the ways that property owners look to improve the value of their residences or to start giving high-traffic rooms in the house a much-needed facelift and functionality boost. What was once a state-of-the-art kitchen decades ago could benefit from some of the many ways Santangelo Construction provides the highest quality of kitchen remodeling in your area.

Changing the Flooring 

Flooring is a good place to start when you consider ways to immediately improve the look of your house through kitchen remodeling in Vero Beach. There are multiple options in this type of renovation, as water-resistant and attractive materials range considerably for spaces like the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling has many popular choices that, include:

  • Tile – Tile is a common choice for the kitchen because it is non-porous and easy to clean. Flat and matte tiling is growing in popularity, adding a modern look to your new kitchen.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank – The vinyl plank is a tongue-and-groove installation material that can stand up to the continuous foot traffic of the kitchen and, in many cases, be more attractive over time. This is a softer feel than tile yet is waterproof.
  • Concrete – The industrial style is becoming popular throughout the areas we serve, with dark tones and simplistic parts. Finished concrete is a popular complement to this theme and an easily maintained surface.

Countertop Options 

Traditional countertops are just that – traditional. They do not show off any unique style of the owner and often fall flat in kitchens that fail to have a visible theme. The choice of your countertop material can be critical, and several options are available, ranging from marble and concrete to stone and butcher’s block. Our contractors can help to quickly transition between your current installation and new materials once you decide what options best suit your unique style for your kitchen remodel project.

Custom Cabinetry Installation

Among the specialties of our experienced and knowledgeable staff is custom cabinetry. This offering is two-fold. The first phase assists with a unique layout and design of individual cabinet units that make up the whole of what your kitchen remodel needs. We use premium materials to fit into your vision for a newly remodeled kitchen theme, one of the most direct ways of improving the aesthetic appeal of tired or worn kitchen elements. 

New Layout Designs 

The kitchen layout is one of the ways that Santangelo is also helpful in improving your current kitchen. This falls more into the total overhaul category but can get done with the most minimal interruptions to your life possible. We have several ways that changing the layout can improve your kitchen remodel:

Increasing the Space 

Improving available space in the kitchen often comes with a full demolition of specific walls and portions of the room to expand its square footage and eliminate a cramped or tight feeling. 

Installing an Island

Islands are an exciting way to add more function to your kitchen without taking up a large portion of the available square footage. Options allow installing a range top, dishwasher, sink, and other features to free up vital counter space elsewhere. 

Utilizing Storage 

It may be necessary for our contractors to help customers see the possibilities with void space and gaps that homeowners could better utilize for additional storage and new functions for the kitchen.

Who Provides Quality Kitchen Remodeling in Vero Beach

Santangelo Construction knows that no two remodels and renovations are the same. Your perfect new kitchen or kitchen remodel just a phone call away at (561) 301-3954. Our general contractor from our Santangelo team will be happy to assist in any way.

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