Santangelo Helps Home Remodeling in Orchid Island

Orchid Island Home Remodeling Involves Several Steps

Millions of remodeling projects and upgrades for residences and commercial properties are happening yearly. Home remodeling for Orchid Island homes like yours is not a process to be rushed but carefully articulated to ensure that the final product is precisely what you imagined. Santangelo has become a trusted name in helping homeowners through the design phase and construction to their expectation-exceeding results.

Start with Planning the Project

Home remodeling of Orchid Island properties does not mean the same thing from one house to the next. Some property owners have mild upgrade and renovation aspirations, while others maximize their potential design options. Planning your project means evaluating your living space to be remodeled and determining what objectives are important to achieve:

  • Room Upgrades – Many remodels get born out of frustration with the dated look and function of bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Better Floor Plan – Whether you need to add a bedroom or want to repurpose a room that is never getting used, you have an opportunity to reformat your home’s floor plan to your wishes.
  • More Space – As a family grows, its need for space also does. Increasing the area through a new layout or repurposed room can prevent you from having to buy a new home.
  • Increase the Home’s Value – Some consider remodeling projects exclusively to increase the property value for selling the house later.
  • Energy Efficiency – Changing out windows and doors or installing a climate control system can improve the energy efficiency rating of your home and potentially lower monthly energy costs.

Design Trends and Modern Upgrades

We do not expect customers to know everything popular in the new construction world right now – that’s our job. We recognize that many who wish to start a remodeling project arrive with a detailed plan. Still, it is up to our design team to turn that idea into tangible prints, selected materials, and a focused construction plan.

Choosing a Contractor for Home Remodeling on Orchid Island

Choosing the right contractor makes a difference in several ways. You want confidence in the professionals you entrust with your home, so a commitment to customer communication is key. The right contractor understands your project and wants to ensure it gets completed on time and to your precise specifications.

There are no shortages of companies for home remodeling on Orchid Island. Santangelo Construction professionals are committed to the customer and providing superior craftsmanship, making us a popular choice for renovation and upgrades. Call our office at (561) 301-3954.

Setting Your Timeline for Completion

With the project outlined and a strong relationship established with a reputable contractor, you must schedule when this construction effort begins. Depending on the work planned, the installation and changes could take weeks to complete, so it is best to consider the appropriate time that fits around events in your life. Santangelo’s commitment to professionalism and a positive customer experience will see us minimizing our impact on your routine as much as possible during this change to your residence.

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