Santangelo Construction Is a Growing Remodeler in Hobe Sound

New Construction or Remodeler in Hobe Sound Homes

Deciding to make changes to the layout or function of your residence can be an involved process. Improving available space and amenities can happen through remodeling or new construction. Santangelo Construction, a trusted remodeler, can often find solutions that do not require the extensive preparation, planning, and execution of an addition. Many areas of your property can benefit from a remodeler.

Kitchen Remodeling

Looking at your kitchen, Santangelo Construction, a remodeler in Hobe Sound homes, can consider several possible means of improving existing infrastructure to suit new needs for the home. In this area of the property, the remodeler’s focus is often upgrading the function and available storage space. We are a leading general contractor and remodeler for Hobe Sound properties offering custom cabinetry specifically designed for your kitchen using materials you choose from an extensive assortment of premium options. Even changes like laying new flooring can vastly change the look and feel of this high-traffic area in your house.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you purchased or constructed your home, you might find that over time, the bathroom isn’t as large or inviting as it should be. Many are transforming their master bathrooms into a haven of relaxation, complete with necessary amenities and additions found at luxury spas. As a competent general contractor and remodeler for properties, we can help with many of these changes to your bathroom’s design and function, such as:

  • Large shower stalls
  • Steam showers
  • New vanity
  • Improved lighting
  • Additional space

Bedroom Remodeling 

For many property owners, creating a welcoming and attractive bedroom space is one of the priorities in improving their homes. In some situations, it can be more cost-efficient and timely to expand a current room in the house to a larger size rather than build an addition from the exterior. Similarly, areas of a home like a den or a sitting room can be reimagined into additional living space when more sleeping rooms are required. This can help prevent the high costs of selling your home and finding a suitable, larger residence.

Attic Remodeling 

These days many are seeing the advantages of creating a home office and telecommuting to the workplace. An unused attic for a Santangelo Construction remodeler can provide an excellent skeleton for this renovation to your property, where much of the needed work to get the office up and functional is cosmetic. Lofts can also serve as large walk-in closets or additional bedrooms when the family dynamic changes. You also lose out on potential added appraisal value for your residence with unused space. 

When you need a home remodeler for Hobe Sound builds, you can count on the experience and professionalism of Santangelo Construction. Schedule your consultation today at (561) 301-3954.

Choosing Our Reputable Remodeler Team

Why should you choose Santangelo Construction for your next remodeling project? You have a team of reputable and accredited professionals and contractors committed to customer satisfaction, craftsmanship, and honesty. We are clear on the terms we set and help you through every phase of the construction project, so you are more than satisfied with the result.

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