Santangelo Construction for Kitchen Remodeling on Orchid Island

What Is Kitchen Remodeling on Orchid Island?

Santangelo Construction provides various kitchen remodeling levels for Orchid Island homes, and these types change the length of construction, the overall cost, and how intrusive the project might seem. Three distinct remodel levels for your kitchen include:

  • Reconstruction
  • Replacement
  • Cosmetic

Completing the Project with a Budgetary Ceiling

Along with the invasiveness and length of kitchen remodeling for Orchid Island homes, property owners want to understand the expected costs for the upgrade. The range of potential costs can be significant with so many variables and options. If budget-friendly outcomes are a priority, there are some ways that we can help.

  • The Projected Work: We help you visualize the least demanding and destructive ways to see the changes you want in the kitchen. 
  • Installments: As a trusted contractor, we understand that some residents prefer to have reconstruction projects completed in stages to maintain some functionality of the room.
  • Products and Materials: We help customers see their installation materials and hardware options. 

A Complete Reconstruction 

This type of change to your property involves more than revamping the superficial appearance of the room in question. Complete rebuilds are involved and more time-consuming than other types of remodels. This is a complete overhaul for the area, including:

  • Reconfiguration of the Space

One of the main objectives of reconstruction is evaluating the space and increasing the size and layout of components to better suit the dream kitchen you want. This process will mean wall demolition and new construction.

  • High-End Flooring 

Flooring will get pulled and replaced, as the type of demolition required warrants replacing this material regardless. We often install high-end floorings like water-resistant luxury plank flooring or ceramic tile in a full rebuild.

  • Custom Cabinetry

Some specialties of Santangelo Construction are custom cabinetry. Creating units explicitly designed to fit into the space with exotic or high-end materials leaves a beautiful kitchen aesthetic. We specialize in constructing chefs’ kitchens.

Replacement Approach

Pulling and replacing involves dealing with the components of the kitchen rather than modifying its design and shape. We work with the existing limitations of the room and improve upon its features, hardware, and installed fixtures.

  • Demo Current Kitchen Elements

The replacement method hinges on removing tired elements of your kitchen’s design, including the cabinets, appliances, countertops, and flooring. We begin by removing these old materials and preparing the room for new products.

  • New Hardware

This would involve replacing the faucets, handles, and other hardware connected to the cabinets and plumbing. New pre-built cabinets can be customized with stains or paint before being installed in the space.

  • Update Flooring 

Pulling up your old flooring, we have many attractive plank flooring and tile options to replace it and improve the appearance of the space.

A Cosmetic Improvement

The least expensive option for kitchen remodeling in Orchid Island homes is improving the cosmetics without removing installed cabinets or appliances. A superficial improvement can be an appealing change that is more budget-friendly while still enhancing the overall value of the residence. Some changes can include:

  • Tile backsplashes
  • New hardware
  • New lighting
  • New countertops 
  • Upgraded plumbing hardware

When you want to consider upgrades and remodels for your home in high-traffic areas like your kitchen, let Santangelo Construction help. Our industry experience helps us meet deadlines and budget ceilings to leave you satisfied in more ways than one. Call today at (561) 301-3954. 

Complete Service for Kitchen Remodeling in Orchid Island 

We are a full-service contracting team with you, from the imagination of your idea for kitchen remodeling in Orchid Island to the final swipe of dust from your new countertops. We can help bring your remodeling vision to life.

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