Santangelo Bathroom Remodeling Must-Dos for Johns Island Homes

What Do Bathroom Remodeling in Johns Island Homes Need

Santangelo Construction is a trusted general contractor in Johns Island, but that has much to do with our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are a growing brand that listens to what you want in your home and works to provide custom solutions that suit your specific needs. This conversation is crucial when determining what bathroom remodeling in Johns Island homes might be needed, as every property will be different.

The Modern Upgrade

Why live with a bathroom that would have been modern and trendy thirty years ago? Santangelo bathroom remodeling for Johns Island homes says you no longer must. Without the new amenities of the modern bathroom and some of the luxurious additions possible, keeping your family trapped in a time bubble can keep you from getting the most out of your house. We know the latest trends and styles that can ultimately enhance this heavily used room of your residence.

Improving Available Space

Expanding the surface area is one of the considerable changes a homeowner can make to a bathroom no longer meeting their needs. The bathroom is becoming a place of relaxation and comfort, where homeowners spend more time unwinding. This can be difficult to do with limited space. We can evaluate the expansion of these areas from neighboring rooms to provide a less confining feel.

The At-Home Spa Solution

Luxury is no stranger to many of the homes throughout the island, so it should be a part of your daily routine in the house. Many property owners do not realize how extensive and intricate fixtures and installations for their bathrooms have become, offering a legitimate spa experience without ever leaving the residence. We can quickly install these options without long-term intrusion and disruption to your life. We are a trusted general contractor in Johns Island for all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Some of the specialties of bathroom remodeling include:

  • Steam Shower
  • Walk-in Shower Stall
  • Standalone Tub
  • Heated Tile
  • Additional Storage Space
  • Luxury Vanity Installation

Specialists in Bathroom Remodeling for Johns Island 

We are a team of specialists with you every step until a new construction or remodeling project is completed. We help you design the ideal layout for your bathroom, introduce you to premium products and materials, and set up a schedule that works with your life to get the work done as soon as possible. 

Bathroom remodeling for Johns Island homes is a specialty of our Santangelo Construction team. Are you considering a renovation? Call today at (561) 301-3954.

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