Santangelo Bathroom Remodeling in Hobe Sound Trends

Trends of Bathroom Remodeling in Hobe Sound

The bathroom is not always the first place homeowners consider for cosmetic or function upgrades, but it probably should be. This is a room asked to do a lot for your household, from managing the wastewater in your house to providing a space to get clean or even relax with facilities like a standalone tub. Understanding some of your options and the growing trends could help you consider why Santangelo Construction should be your choice for bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound. We pride ourselves with the newest trends and styles in bathroom remodeling.

Cosmetic Upgrades for Bathroom Remodeling in Hobe Sound

Bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound sometimes only targets the appearance of the space. Some homeowners only want this type of home construction to improve the bathroom’s appearance rather than change mechanisms and fixtures that might have already been upgraded or do not require it. Some cosmetic changes might include:

  • Flooring – Our team can pull up old tile or water-resistant flooring and add new premium flooring plank, tile, or non-traditional material. Luxury vinyl and ceramic tile are still common selections.
  • Vanity – Many things go unnoticed in a bathroom that is only quickly being used, but the vanity is almost always a centerpiece. We can remove an older cabinet and countertop for a larger and more attractive replacement.
  • Tiling – Wall tiles are a growing trend for bathroom appearance, especially finger (KitKat) tiles. 

Design Changes

More intricate and involved renovations and home construction are a specialty of our Santangelo Construction team. We can minimize our presence by fully mapping out the project before it begins. Even with the demolition and new construction necessary for these upgrades, we can often keep firm deadlines established with the customer.

  • Ventilation
  • Natural Lighting
  • Spa Features
  • Luxury Amenities 

Complete Bathroom Overhauls

Moving into a new home where you are unhappy with the bathroom or realizing you have outgrown the look of your current facilities might warrant a full redesign of the space. Our Santangelo roster features design and construction experts to give you the best of both worlds. We give you all your options, help you understand the materials and amenities possible, and provide you with a finished product you never want to leave. Bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound by our Santangelo Construction team is top-notch.

You do not have to live with a bathroom that is not suiting your needs. We offer scheduled consultations to help you know what is possible for your anticipated budget. Trust Santangelo Construction for a beautiful, high-functioning bathroom upgrade. Call now at (561) 301-3954. 

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