Bathroom Remodeling in a Stuart Luxury Home

Remodeling is one of the ways that property owners continue to improve and expand on the investments they make in their houses. As a growing name in luxury home construction, remodeling, and new construction, we can help properties of all sizes discover the possibilities of spaces like the bathroom when these rooms no longer fully meet the homeowner’s needs or expectations. 

Is it Time for Bathroom Remodeling? 

The choice for bathroom remodeling in Stuart, Johns Island, and other areas requires homeowners to take a look at the aesthetics and function of rooms in the house to ensure they are still fully meeting the occupants’ needs. The trends of kitchens and bathrooms change by the year, and our Santangelo team is always available to help you see what is possible.

New Floors Can Add New Life

One of the most direct ways to make an impactful change to the look and theme of your bathroom is with a flooring upgrade. Removing worn wood or tile floors and replacing them with ceramic tiles, stone, or water-resistant plank flooring makes the room more vibrant, bright, and elegant. 

Luxury Features for an Attractive New Bathroom

Several upgrades and changes to the layout and function of your current bathroom can provide a better experience. Some of these include:

  • Added Space – Modern bathrooms in homes of all sizes are larger than ever. These are rest locations to pull away from the bustle and craziness of everyday life. 
  • Walk-Thru Shower – Bath and shower combinations were once the standard, but many prefer a full shower stall now with ample room and luxurious fixtures. 
  • Installing a Soaking Tub – Trending is this modern version of a spa.

No matter how you imagine your new Stuart bathroom to be, our Santangelo Construction team can help you achieve it. We use premium building materials and the latest construction techniques and tools to provide a beautiful, finished product. Call today at (561) 301-3954.

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