Home Renovation Ideas to Add Usable Space to Vero Beach Homes

No matter how big your home is, you may still need more usable space. Whether you need a home gym, an office, or a family gathering space, there are several ways to add more space to your Florida home. Exploring affordable home remodeling ideas to help you achieve your goal is beneficial.

Define Your Needs

Before starting any home renovation in Vero Beach, you must define your needs. Do you need additional living space, like an apartment for older parents or dedicated office space with a separate entrance? Understanding your desires will help you choose the right remodeling solution within your home or direct you toward installing an addition or separate structure. Here are several remodeling and renovation solutions you might consider:

  • Main Floor Expansion

Expanding the main floor of your home is a popular way to add more living space. This option means careful planning to ensure that it fits seamlessly with your home’s floor plan and matches its exterior. A first-floor expansion is a great way to enlarge a bedroom, create a main suite, or add floor space for general use.  

  • Adding A Second Floor

Expanding upwards by adding a second floor is an excellent solution if you need much new space. With an upward expansion, you have lots of options to consider. You can add a second story to a specific area of your home. For example, you can expand your existing living room with a double-height ceiling while adding a new bedroom, bathroom, theater room, or library. You can also add a roof deck or space over the garage or a covered patio.

  • Upgrading Your Back Patio or Porch

A four-season porch is an excellent solution if your porch opens to a beautifully landscaped yard or a pool area. Patio enclosures are not only a cost-effective option but can also be installed with minimal disruption to your and your family’s daily lives.

Santangelo Construction is Here to HelpNo matter what your home remodeling needs are, there are affordable solutions to add more usable space to your home. By defining your needs and considering your options, the only step left is to find trustworthy contractors to help you see the project through. Santangelo Construction is a one-stop shop for design and building to help you make the most of your living space. Whether you’re looking for a first-floor expansion, a second-floor addition, or an upgraded patio or porch, we can help you maximize the available room. Give us a call today at (561) 301-3954.

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