Home Renovation for Hobe Sound Properties Improves Accessibility

Do You Require Home Renovation in Hobe Sound

Home renovations for your Hobe Sound property might happen slowly and with a great deal of planning. Other modifications to your home are more pressing and in response to a change in the life of the homeowners. When you need home renovation for accessibility concerns in the house, Santangelo Construction has qualified experts to help you with the planning and building. 

Accessibility Concerns 

Many options Santangelo provides for home renovation in Hobe Sound cater to changing needs of the homeowner. Accessibility can be a driving force for remodeling and structural reconfiguration, so we work with you to find suitable solutions for your specific issues. From wheelchair access in the house to accessible showers and staircases, every situation is unique. 

Trending Home Renovations to Help 

Accessibility often deals with those who might have difficulty getting around the house. Santangelo understands changes that can be made to help aging or disabled homeowners maintain their independence and lifestyles. We evaluate the full spectrum of accessing the residence and navigating the main areas of the structure. Some of the trending changes to consider can include: 

  • Countertops and Workspaces – Those who use a wheelchair benefit from lowered counters and surfaces to functional heights. We can place new cabinetry and counters in the kitchen to accommodate your specific needs. 
  • Accessible Bathroom Features – The bathroom can be an area of the house where many accessibility modifications can be made, from a walk-in shower to a larger layout for mobility. 
  • Layout for Easier Mobility – Wider spaces can make navigation easier. This can be the doorways, hallways, and other narrow portions of the house that might be difficult for a chair to access. 
  • Flooring Changes – You must consider transitions from several types of flooring when navigating a home meeting new accessibility markers. Often softer flooring materials like carpeting can be pulled up and replaced with sturdier vinyl plank or hardwood. 

Santangelo Construction Can Help 

We have specialists available to help in every area of the planning and execution of remodels and home renovations. We understand how urgently changes could be needed for your home renovation when situations require them, so we work with you through assessment and construction to suit your needs without sacrificing craftsmanship. 
We have grown to be a leading name in construction and home renovations for the region. When your Hobe Sound home needs remodeling or total home renovation, call Santangelo Construction at (561) 301-3954.

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