Home Remodel Ideas That Suit Your Hobe Sound Property

Home Remodel Ideas in Hobe Sound

Home remodel ideas come in all shapes and sizes for the specific needs you might have for your household. As the requirements in your residence change, you might look at certain rooms with a more discerning eye to determine the best modifications that make life easier, make the space more accessible, or help to add functionality and elegance. Many “smart” options are available.

Kitchen Improvements

Home remodel ideas for Hobe Sound properties are plentiful; the most common place these considerations begin is the kitchen. This room is a central focal point of the house where much traffic and activity occur, so improvements are often possible to make the space more comfortable or functional. Popular upgrades can include:

  • Island Installation
  • Walk-In Pantries
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Vault Ceilings with Natural Lighting

Bathroom Upgrades

You might also look at your bathroom and consider how it can serve you better. While this might not be a meeting place like the kitchen, with spa upgrades and changes, it can be a haven for relaxation and calm. Our design team can help you to reformulate your current space and layout to best utilize the surface area without compromising quality improvements. Widespread changes in the bathroom include:

  • Luxury Spa Features
  • New Fixtures and Hardware
  • Shower Stall Installation
  • Improving Square Footage

Additions and Finishing 

Among the more complex and time-consuming remodeling and renovation types that homeowners consider involves the complete construction of additions or finishing levels of the property. Additions are often a very straightforward way to increase the total square footage of a residence, increase the number of bedrooms, or improve some degree of its purpose. Additions can have a high return on investment when you later appraise the grounds. Popular finishing projects or additions include:

  • Attic
  • Guest House
  • Master Addition

Santangelo Offers Home Remodel Ideas in Hobe Sound

Having an idea differs from possessing blueprints or schematics to start the work. We help you through every step of the planning, preparation, and construction process until you are left with something new you love. We prioritize your voice throughout the building phases so you stay involved how you would like. When you are ready to have serious conversations about what is possible regarding home remodeling ideas throughout your residence, we are prepared to help. We have experienced niche specialists and professionals to walk you through your options and build them to your specifications. Call Santangelo Construction today at (561) 301-3954.

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