Helping Orchid Island Home Renovation at Every Stage

Santangelo Provides Home Renovation In Orchid Island

When your home isn’t meeting your expectations and needs, you do not have to list and find new places to call your own. Instead, you can consider the possibility of renovation to modify the structure to suit your changing family dynamic, a new remote work arrangement, or an upgrade to old amenities. Santangelo Contractors provides the highest quality of home renovations in Orchid Island and surrounding areas.

Santangelo Assists in the 5 Renovation Stages 

Home renovation for Orchid Island involves several phases to complete. Without a singularly capable contractor like Santangelo, subcontracting each stage can become impossible to coordinate and far more expensive than it should be. Home renovation and remodeling can be broken down into five steps, each requiring capable experts to help homeowners through. These include:

  • Planning – Our design team takes the idea in your head and creates a real schematic you can hold in your hands that our construction team will use to renovate. 
  • Budgeting – You must learn what is possible for your budget and all your options in affording the remodel and renovation you desire. Our staff helps you understand your financing options, gives you honest pricing models, and can even work with your insurance where necessary.
  • Demolition – Demolition paves the way for new construction, and we train in effective demolition tactics. We only remove the necessary materials, saving you money on the build-back and making this later construction process efficient. 
  • Construction – Our roster is full of contracting specialists, many trained in specific niches and areas to provide the change you need. We work with you through the building process to ensure meeting your expectations and vision. 
  • Cleaning – We don’t leave you with cleanup to do after reconstruction and remodeling. The construction business is messy, and we know the importance of providing an environment that will not distract from the craftsmanship of the remodel. We take time to ensure proper cleaning occurs. 

Helping Your Home Have a High ROI

A motivating factor in considering remodeling and home renovation is the return on investment should the owner decide to sell or appraise the home’s value in the future. However, not all home renovation has the same potential investment return, and some changes can depreciate with time. If ROI is a factor in your home renovation plans, our Santangelo team can help you understand the best choices to make for intriguing a potential buyer or increasing your listing price.

Home Renovations in Stages

Home renovation and remodeling happen over several steps and stages, and few contractors have experienced staff to help you through each phase like Santangelo Construction does. From our administration and design team to our extensively trained contracting specialists, we can help you to see your home renovation project through to the end. Call us at (561) 301-3954.

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