Helping Johns Island Residents Through Every Phase of Creating Their Dream Luxury Custom Home

The choice to create a fully custom home on Johns Island is one that most people only make once in their lifetime, so the experience should be as least stressful as possible. Santangelo Construction can help you and your newly dreamt house through each phase of the construction process to bring an idea into a space you will love for a lifetime.

Your Initial Vision for Your New Home 

Your imagined home might not be the one you end up with after talking with our staff and experts. Many soon-to-be-homeowners are not attuned to the changes in modern home construction. They do not know what advancements are possible to improve on the already amazing luxury home a customer has begun to design in their mind. We like to ensure that you know all of your options to have the very best of what is possible.

Creating Blueprints and Choosing Materials 

With certified and talented architectural professionals on our staff, we can have several meetings in the planning stages to develop blueprints that exceed your expectations and feature the best possible building materials.

  • Ceramic  

Ceramics are being used more and more in kitchens and bathrooms. They are easy to clean and support heating elements for an added level of luxury.

  • Natural Stone 

Beyond veneer work, stone has found its way inside for fireplaces and accent walls.

  • Premium Hardwood

Hardwood floors are a look that never goes out of style. With many materials, including exotic hardwoods like Brazilian Walnut and Ebony, you can create a gorgeous space that only looks better as it ages.

Initial Groundwork and Early Construction 

In many ways, preparing the land for a new home can be as vital as the entire construction to come. Unaltered Florida terrain is uneven and unpredictable. Jobsite preparation before the complete construction begins means:

  • Grading 

Using special equipment, we level off the site for the house, any detached buildings like a pool house or garage, set the depth and course of the driveway, and create an even lawn.  

  • Excavation for Utilities 

For communities like Johns Island or Vero Beach, underground utilities are more attractive, so initial prep work must get completed to run conduit and pipe out to the edge of the property.

  • A Firm Foundation 

Concrete slabs are a common construction choice for the custom homes we build, and when done correctly with our experienced professionals, they provide a solid base for your home forever.

Timely Delivery on Expert Craftsmanship  

Nearly as important as the work being done is how quickly it gets done. Many new homeowners are displaced throughout the construction process, so we value meeting the deadlines and milestones we set with the customer.

Our talented construction team follows blueprints to the letter to bring your vision into a reality you can see and touch. Our attention to detail and experienced knowledge makes us more than a traditional residential contractor, we are the preferred custom home builder on Johns Island. We take great pride in the final product we can produce for new homeowners through our superior craftsmanship.

Begin Your Fully Custom Home Today 

Take your spark of an idea and let the contractors and design team at Santangelo Construction turn your dreams into a custom-built reality. If you’re looking for an experienced custom home builder on Johns Island, call our team today.

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