Four Wood Trends Still Popular in Vero Beach Luxury Homes

For remodeling and new construction, reliable finished wood and accents are attractive and valuable. 

With all of the advancements in modern home construction, it still surprises many new homeowners how hardwood and wooden elements are a prevalent part of an attractive new build or remodel. This timeless look adds value, life, and function to your luxury home.

Wood Flooring Can Last a Lifetime 

Few materials have the lasting attractiveness of original hardwood. Premium flooring elements can last a lifetime, and in many cases, look better as they age. Our Santangelo team has worked with hundreds of flooring types and can help you create a gorgeous environment in your Vero Beach home that looks as good as it feels. Beyond traditional oak, mahogany, and hand-scraped wood floors, we also install one-of-a-kind, exotic hardwood options like:

  • Ebony
  • Koa
  • Tigerwood
  • Bloodwood
  • Sandalwood

Custom Cabinetry with Elegant Woodwork  

A way to set your property apart from the other large homes in Vero Beach is your grand chef’s kitchen with custom cabinetry. Wood still reigns in the world of cabinets, and there are hundreds of styles and designs to develop a completely custom kitchen with every possible built-in feature, from pull-out pantry drawers to under-mount lighting. 

The Growing Trend of Shiplap Walls 

One of the notable trends that will be more popular in the coming years is new wood that appears to be repurposed. Salvaged wood has been an attractive feature in many modern homes, and this even extends to luxury homes. Santangelo Construction typically helps with options like shiplap walls. This uses a variety of thin wood planks to create a veneer on-wall system that is far more textured and attractive to many homeowners than traditional painted drywall. 

Exposed Wood Beams in High Vaulted Ceilings 

A growing trend for remodels and new construction leaves large rafter beams exposed in high vaulted ceilings. Often this is seen in high-traffic lounge areas like the living room or the den. It is even possible to install these rafters as an aesthetic feature with no load-bearing functions to complete the look wherever the customer wants it installed. 

Santangelo Construction Can Help You Plan Out Your Next Remodel 

Many construction and remodeling projects fall apart before the work is done because the plans are not solid, and the design isn’t polished. We have a division of architectural professionals capable of turning your idea into tangible prints with some of the most luxurious trends in modern homes ranging from premium hardwoods to oversized ceramic tiles. 

A Unique and Custom Solution for Your Construction

No one has more inspiration for your home and what it should look like than you do. As a growing construction team in Indian River County, our contractors handle all aspects of the build, from the framing to the aesthetic options that make your new house unique from other luxury homes in Vero Beach. 
Don’t let your dream collect dust. Contact Santangelo Construction for a consultation about your remodel or new construction today. 

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