Four Valuable Hobe Sound House Renovation Options

What Hobe Sound House Renovation Fits Your Need?

Many homeowners consider house renovation for Hobe Sound properties to increase the property’s value. A good return on investment (ROI) conveys a wise financial decision with remodeling that benefits the property and its function or appearance. There are a few areas where these construction projects might have the highest ROI.

Kitchen Renovations

It is estimated that those considering improving their kitchen as a house renovation for Hobe Sound properties can expect a 75% ROI. These numbers can fluctuate based on the degree to which the room gets altered and improved. There are three primary levels of home renovations for areas like the kitchen.

  • Light – Aesthetic improvements can modify the kitchen’s appearance without occupying too much time or becoming too intrusive to the daily life of the house occupants.
  • Medium – Small changes like the replacement of cabinetry or countertops can be more invasive and take longer, but ultimately provide a greater modification of the overall look and feel of the room.
  • Full – Complete overhauls can put your kitchen out of commission entirely for a designated period. This process will include efforts like replacing the flooring, installing custom cabinetry, and installing a multi-function island with new plumbing.

Renovating the Bathroom

Another valuable upgrade to a property is renovating and remodeling the bathroom. House renovation in Hobe Sound can often mean this key area of the residence, and as a trusted general contractor, Santangelo can help you unlock the potential of your bathroom. We can increase the size, change the flooring, install new shower fixtures and systems, and install new soft goods like the vanity and shelving.

Exterior Upgrades 

Several options to improve the grounds around the house could ultimately make it more valuable to a potential buyer or in the basic sense of appraisal. In-ground pools are an attractive feature for a residence, as well as large patio areas with pergolas, bars, grills, and other built-in amenities designed for entertaining and relaxation.

Focus on Home Efficiency

Any moves you can take to make your home more energy efficient, the more solid the investment. Buyers often look for well-insulated properties that can keep utility expenses at the lowest possible values, especially with some large structures common to Hobe Sound. Replacing windows, re-insulating the attic during a remodeling project, or installing more natural lighting in the house can all help reduce energy expenses and increase a property’s value. A competent general contractor like us can manage multiple approaches to energy efficiency.

Who Helps With Hobe Sound House Renovation?

Santangelo Construction can help with any house renovation in Hobe Sound. We are experienced professionals to work through every phase of design and execution. Our team of professionals can make your dream home renovation happen. Call us at (561) 301-3954.

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