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Santangelo Luxury Home Builders can Remodel your Hobe Sound Home

Santangelo high end home construction company is a popular choice for new construction. While this can sometimes mean a complete project from the ground up, it might also involve renovations and remodeling for various portions of the property. Understanding the most popular remodeling efforts we help with can show how our contracting team is a solid choice when you need to upgrade.

Kitchen Remodeling

Because we are reputable luxury home builders for Hobe Sound, we have the experience and expertise to help with overhauls of high traffic areas in your house, like the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is among the most popular upgrades for homes, as this is a central location of activity for the property. There are many ways to increase the value and worth of your kitchen through these efforts, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, including:

–       Flooring

An initial process for revamping the look of a kitchen is to start with the flooring. Popular options in this area include using luxury vinyl plank and hand-scraped hardwood flooring for a rustic farmhouse appeal.

–       Cabinets

Having sufficient cabinet space and function is also an important discussion for remodeling efforts. You can change the aesthetics of the cabinets themselves, but you can also ensure the layout fits the needs of your home if you were not involved in their initial design.

–       New Features

The kitchen functions are changing rapidly, as family dynamics are different from one structure to the next. A wide range of appliances can be installed, functional islands with appliances and utilities, and built-in features to make cooking and food prep easier.

Bathroom Remodeling

Another consistent remodeling project to increase the value and luxury of your residence is to upgrade your bathroom area. Tired fixtures and outdated amenities prevent this room in your home from being the relaxing haven it was meant to be.

–       Amenities 

Increasing the bathroom function is one way to improve its worth instantly. Oversized shower stalls are a popular trend, including stand-alone tubs within this designated area.

–       Heated Floors

High-end homes common to Hobe Sound use premium flooring materials. An added feature for comfort is heating the bathroom floor for a comfortable step out of the shower in colder conditions.

–       Larger Space

There are many ways to cheat a larger area without demolition, like introducing natural light. However, many homeowners lean towards physically increasing the size of the bathroom for a more relaxing atmosphere without cramped quarters.

The Home Office

These days, it is not uncommon for once-commuting employees to be encouraged to telecommute by working from home. Ideally, this should happen in a designated space. This might promote a remodeling project by the Santangelo luxury home builders. New designs follow guiding principles:

–       Privacy

Soundproofing and privacy are large contributions to the design and execution of new office renovation projects.

–       Comfort

From built-in shelving for a personal library to soft, natural light, we work to design new offices spaces with your comfort in mind.

–       Charm

Popular styles for home offices include warm wood accents and furniture. This provides a unique charm and an inviting space.

No matter how a remodeling project might benefit your home, our Santangelo Construction team is available to help you see it through. Give us a call now at (561) 301-3954.

A Custom Design for Your Home

As experienced and trusted luxury home builders for Hobe Sound, we can help you create a completely custom remodel, renovation, addition, or new construction project. Santangelo Construction features trained and educated design specialists to walk you through the questions needed regarding layout, amenities, styles, and materials.

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