Contractor Builds Luxury Homes in Stuart

Santangelo Construction is a leading luxury home builder in Stuart and the surrounding areas. 

You might be under the impression that contractors are a dime a dozen. While the field might seem rich in the Vero Beach and Stuart areas, quality contractors like our Santangelo team continue to set ourselves apart with our expert craftsmanship, premium materials, and extensive knowledge of modern industry standards, current trends, and versatility with our construction capabilities.

Intricate Design Practices 

As leading luxury home builders in Stuart, Santangelo is aided by our division of experienced design professionals. Many new homeowners are unsure what their options are and need some guidance and direction to know what is possible. We take this planning stage seriously, as this is the backbone to efficient construction and the details to make a good house a great home.

Established Supply for Premium Building Materials

Our years of experience in general construction have developed deep relationships with supply and material distributors to have consistent and reliable deliveries for timely results. We understand that timeline milestones are not meant to be flexible and negotiated, so we keep our team supplied with the materials and hardware to make strides on your new home as expected when the project is underway.

Knowledge of Industry Practices  

The trends of luxury homes are changing every year. We stay invested and trained in the changing landscape of residential construction to help infuse new projects with these top styles where applicable. Some current trends include: 

Custom Touches Make Your Home Unique

Santangelo has skilled craftsmen creating custom cabinetry for kitchens to provide a one-of-a-kind result. Identifying the desired layout of base and hanging units during the design phase is crucial. These experienced builders use premium materials like oak, maple, and cherry woods to create a unique and attractive kitchen. As one of the largest traffic areas of your household, having a beautiful kitchen is an important consideration for new homes being constructed.

You are not building luxury homes every day, so you want to ensure that your Stuart vision and dream home are built to precise specifications. Our Santangelo Construction team can help you from start to finish. Call us today for a consultation at (561) 301-3954.

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