Cabinets Can Be the Key to Johns Island Kitchen Remodeling

Santangelo Construction has observed countless kitchens throughout the Florida region that need a complete kitchen renovation. And more often than not, the top priority is updating the cabinets. Homeowners are taking action to revitalize their kitchen cabinetry, whether painting or staining the existing cabinets or refacing or replacing them.  

At times, replacing old cabinets in kitchen remodeling for Johns Island homes becomes necessary. When the cabinetry is in a state of disrepair, with doors hanging off their hinges or shelves sagging under the weight of your dishes, then it’s replacement time. However, many homes are built with custom cabinets that are sturdy and long-lasting. When it’s time for a facelift, you may consider options like refacing, painting or staining to give them a new look.  

Kitchen Remodeling Options Focused on the Cabinetry 

  • Refacing: Refacing, painting, and staining are all practical options for updating your cabinets. Refacing means installing new doors and drawer fronts while keeping the cabinet boxes intact. Painting cabinets is an affordable option that can give them a fresh new look and feel. Staining your cabinets can enhance their natural wood grain.  
  • New Cabinet Installation: Santangelo can also help you review your options and find true-to-size cabinet options that match your existing setup for a full-scale replacement of this out-dated component in your kitchen. With many materials, you have a wide range of options to shape a new aesthetic that gives new life to a tired kitchen design. 
  • Custom Cabinetry Designed by Our Experts: We specialize in creating custom layouts and cabinet design options that suit your needs. From added storage to hidden functionality, the possibilities are endless with how upgraded and modernized your kitchen can become with tailored cabinetry.  

Santangelo Is Here to Help with All Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs 

While it can make a big difference to reface or replace cabinets in your kitchen, you might be looking for a bigger-scale change that fully overhauls the dated space. We can help with your renovation and remodeling project from start to finish, with design experts to help you visualize your wishes and a competent and detail-oriented team of contractors to bring that vision to life. We can help you boast of having a Chef’s Kitchen. We are ready to help you start today – call us at (561) 301-3954.

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