Bathroom Remodeling in Hobe Sound Makes Your Space More Luxurious

Trending Options for Bathroom Remodeling in Hobe Sound

When Hobe Sound homeowners consider renovations, they want to be assured that their choices are as beneficial to the family as they are financially sound. Santangelo Construction provides bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound, one that offers the highest typical returns on investment for those looking to sell their property later or have it appraised, which can be upward of 70%. For most, the prospect of renovation allows for a transformation of this space to a more luxurious and relaxing part of your life with several trending considerations. Santangelo Construction provides high-quality bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound.

Waterproof Flooring Materials 

Changing up the flooring is often one of the first considered components of bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound, as this is one of the elements tying the space together. The flooring is where the scuffs, scrapes, and wear most often occur. Modern offerings are as beautiful as they are practical, though ceramic and porcelain tile still reigns with their timeless appearance, waterproof construction, and durability against years of use.

Spacious Shower Stalls 

Ditch the old shower/tub combination installation for an oversized walk-in stall. Not only does this provide ample space for a comfortable and relaxing shower experience, but it is also a safer option for aging house members. Take this upgrade further by having our Santangelo Construction team install a steam shower. You can have the spa experience at home with this powerful piece of equipment and simultaneously maintain the traditional function of a standard shower.

Features That Improve Your Bathroom’s Appearance 

Major changes to your bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound are done specifically to make it more aesthetically appealing. Santangelo Construction can make many possible changes to modernize the bathroom, give it a bolder or more concise theme, or improve its appearance to a potential buyer. Less invasive changes that immediately alter the room’s look include:

  • Vanity – The vanity is one of the centerpieces of the bathroom remodel. You spent time here throughout the day, so the look of this installation can directly impact how you feel about the entire space. Thousands of styles of vanities exist to fit your available space, and we can help you better understand your options when you consider your remodel.
  • Lighting – There are various ways that you can introduce new lighting to the bathroom and change how the space gets brightened. A trend points to natural lighting with windows and skylights, which makes sense with how much the bright Florida sun can light up your household.
  • Fixtures – Our construction specialists might also walk you through options to change the room’s fixtures, like cabinet hardware, faucets, and light bases. Connecting all of these elements to a central theme and style can immediately improve the look of a bathroom.

 Reputable Bathroom Remodeling in Hobe Sound

Santangelo Construction has worked to become a reputable name helping with home improvement, new construction, and specialty projects like bathroom remodeling for Hobe Sound properties. We are committed to a final product we can both be proud to show off. Give our team a call at (561) 301-3954.

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