Bathroom Remodeling for Small Spaces in Johns Island Homes

Are you tired of feeling cramped in your small bathroom? Or you may feel that your bathroom better suits a child instead of an adult. Achieving the right balance can be challenging, but it is possible. Do not worry; with a few ideas and the help of skilled Santangelo contractors, your small bathroom can look and feel larger than life.

Using bathroom remodeling for Johns Island properties, you can innovate a new feel and function for this vital space in your property. Here are some of the top approaches:

  • Fixtures That Save Space

You can choose a classic pedestal sink to save space or use a cleverly designed corner sink to maximize square footage. And remember about space-saving toilets and bathtubs. Even an inch of width can make a significant difference without compromising functionality. Our Santangelo team can help you choose the fixture for your desired feel.

  •  Use Shallow Cabinetry

Regarding bathrooms, you don’t necessarily need a deep sink base cabinet. Shallower cabinets can more than suit your needs. By opting for cupboards that take up less wall space, you’ll avoid feeling cramped and create an overall more open and inviting feel. We can help you select more ergonomic-friendly furnishings for this small room. 

  •  Smaller Flooring Units Improve the Tight Space

Avoid installing 12-inch or larger floor tiles or wide planks, as they can make your tiny bathroom look even smaller. Instead, opt for small tiles that add character and charm to your space. For instance, vintage-inspired penny tiles or small-scale basketweaves in 

marble will always stay in style. We have skilled installers to help you quickly get this look in your bathroom.

  •  Plan a New Layout

Do you want to overcome your bathroom’s awkward layout and inconvenient fixtures? You have the power to redesign your bathroom to fit your lifestyle. You only need Santangelo’s design professionals to help you see the space and its potential. With some creativity, we can reroute the pipes, move the fixtures, and create a truly functional and fabulous bathroom.Small bathrooms might be short on floor space, but they can still enhance your home. Instead of looking at the small square footage as a hurdle to overcome, imagine ways to strengthen it and make it a better version of its current self. If you’re ready for a small bathroom remodel, you need a great contractor first. Let Santangelo Construction help by calling us today at (561) 301-3954.

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