Bathroom Remodeling for Johns Island Properties

A remodel or renovation of your home can be a large undertaking and significant stress to the property owner. As a leading construction specialist in the area, Santangelo works to navigate your property through each phase of design and execution to leave you with a product you are proud of and a price that meets your budget.

Solid Return on Investment

Bathroom remodeling for Johns Island homes can be a substantial expenditure for homeowners. Improving spaces like the kitchen and bathroom can increase the property’s value and be one of the practical steps to yield a significant return on the investment.

A Bathroom Overhaul is Trending

There are multiple possible renovations and remodel ideas for older bathrooms. What might have been a modern and attractive look decades ago can benefit from aesthetic and functionality upgrades. Some of the common changes homeowners are choosing today include:

  • Ditching the Combo – A bathtub and shower combination was a standard installation years ago, but now these can and should be separated into dedicated bathroom spaces with attractive stalls and standalone tubs.
  • Ceramics and Marble – Accents of marble are increasingly more popular, replacing tired flooring with textured ceramic tiles.
  • Embracing Natural Light – Sunshine is never in short supply, so cutting in skylights and windows for more natural light improves the aesthetics and reduces energy costs.

Designing Your Dream Escape Room

We have premier and experienced engineers and design professionals to take your vision and create a tangible schematic. With our extensive background in the latest software and trending remodel options, we can help you create a complete picture from even a handful of ideas you bring to the table. Our experience benefits jobs of all sizes, from luxury homes to single-family residential solutions throughout Johns Island.

Experienced Contractors with Premium Results 

No matter what the decision is to do with your bathroom, you want to ensure that the result lasts forever. We use premium materials and have experienced contractors to provide lasting results. We also prioritize minimizing our presence in your home to prevent disruption to your daily routine as much as possible.

Our team is here when you are ready to improve the look, and function of your Johns Island bathroom or any remodel and construction needs you might have. Give Santangelo Construction a call today at (561) 301-3954.

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