Bathroom Remodeling for Aging Hobe Sound Homeowners

We Improve Bathroom Remodeling Amenities 

Senior homeowners in Hobe Sound can discover that getting around their property might be more complex and challenging than it used to be. Acknowledging a need for change can be critical in designing and executing bathroom remodeling. Due to the nature of tile flooring and water, this heavily used room in the house is an area where injuries can occur. Santangelo Construction has comprehensive building assistance from an accessible design team to trusted, certified, and licensed construction specialists.

Bathroom Remodeling to Make Life Easier 

Bathroom remodeling in Hobe Sound properties can point to many possible changes. When creating a new and improved bathroom layout for older owners, several stylistic and functionality modifications improve safety and ease of use. Some of these remodeling focuses include:

  • Walk-In Shower – Zero-entry shower stalls make getting in and out of this area simple and safe. We can remove your existing tub/shower combination and install an attractive, roomy shower stall.  
  • Comfortable Heights – Accessibility is often best shown in fixtures and installations at comfortable heights, such as the vanity countertop, sink, and toilet. During the remodeling process, we can find suitable replacement options to create a bathroom that looks as good as it is easy to use.
  • Stability Railing – Railing can be an essential installation. Santangelo professionals assess the best placement of these sturdy, load-bearing installations, such as the shower and near other fixtures. 
  • Heated Tiles – No sense in not making the bathroom more luxurious and pleasant with your remodeling upgrade. We can install heated flooring to make stepping out of the shower or heading to the restroom in the middle of the night much more inviting to your feet.
  • High-Function Shower Systems – Steam showers are a therapeutic and luxurious addition to any bathroom. Installing additional regulators like thermostatic valves keep water from ever reaching scalding temperatures by accident.

Santangelo Can Help You Stay at Home 

More than 20% of Florida’s population are senior citizens. As a result, many Hobe Sound homeowners find themselves posed with a need for several modifications to their residences to keep them accessible and safe. As a trusted contractor, Santangelo can work with you to create a room-by-room plan to keep you at home for as long as you like to be. Remodeling can be a much-needed consideration for aging homeowners to stay in their properties and combat the challenges of a changing lifestyle. Santangelo Construction can help you determine what is possible in every room of the house, including bathroom remodeling, to keep you safe without forsaking craftsmanship and style. (561) 301-3954.

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