Add Some Luxury with Bathroom Remodeling in Orchid Island

Five Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 

How many luxury bathroom remodeling ideas can you think of when you daydream about changing up this tired room of your house? We have included some top trends in this popular renovation focused on making your old bathroom feel more like a spa from the time you step through the threshold. Our Santangelo Construction team will help you make the best of your Orchid Island property.

Why Upgrade Your Bathroom at All? 

You might wonder if right now is the time to consider bathroom remodeling for your Orchid Island property. While many property owners are certainly in the camp of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,’ this says nothing about improving the quality of your life. Adding some luxury can be a welcomed change to the stressors of your life. Not to mention, you should always consider that major upgrades to spaces like the bathroom and kitchen are regarded as wise construction projects for adding value to the appraisal of your home’s worth. Paying now for home improvements provides beneficial enjoyment of the renovation and potential recapture of the investment at a later date. 

What Are Ways to Make the Bathroom More Like a Spa? 

Why settle for the mundane when you can make your bathroom luxurious and peaceful? Taking more time to change a bathroom into a haven of relaxation and spa-like amenities is a growing trend. Not only does this improve your quality of life, but this certainly rings the ‘return on investment’ bell. Some of the common considerations for improving the luxury feel of your bathroom include:

  • Steam ShowerInstead of the traditional shower head, these standalone stalls are fitted with multiple dispersal points creating relaxing, soothing steam. This regular shower experience is more relaxing and uses far less water.
  • Spacious Stalls – Speaking of showers, why are you cramping into a stall that could make almost anyone claustrophobic? Installing spacious walk-in showers gives you plenty of room and could even be fitted with multiple shower heads and sprays.
  • Heated Tile – No one should feel cold tile living in sunny Florida. We can install heated tile flooring to give you a comfortable feeling in any season.
  • Large and High Functioning Vanity – Ditch the tired vanity that matches your old bathroom and go for a spacious replacement. 
  • Fireplace – Installing a fireplace in your bathroom is just the next-level spa feel your home needs. Relax in a standalone tub with an electric fireplace churning in front of you, keeping the room pleasantly warm. 

Ready to get started on your next remodel? Give our Santangelo Construction team a call for a free consultation and estimate at (561) 301-3954.

What Makes Us a Trusted Choice for  Bathroom Remodeling?

You have a plethora of options when selecting a contractor. Why not go with a premier company–Santangelo Construction, for bathroom remodeling in Orchid Island? We want to work with you from start to finish on your project, showing you what is possible and helping you to make the most of your choice to upgrade. We have skilled professionals at every phase to help you through planning and our superior execution to have a final product you love.

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