A Qualified General Contractor for Your Stuart Home

What Can a General Contractor Do? 

Many changes you might consider for your Stuart property are not projects you feel comfortable beginning alone. Homeowners are looking for a qualified general contractor in Stuart, like Santangelo Construction, to provide a fast turnaround to limit the interruption of ordinary life. Our experience and knowledge help you through every step, from design to the final paint strokes on a newly installed wall. So where do you start? 

As a general contractor for Stuart homes, we manage many inquiries about changes property owners wish to make to their residences. Every situation is different and, therefore, requires planning and design to execute. Unlike niche specialists focusing on one type of upgrade or modification to a house, professionals with a general contracting background have a broader understanding of construction practices and training in many areas to be a one-stop shop for your project’s needs. 

Upgrading Areas of Your House 

  • Bathroom – We can help you have a more spa experience in your bathroom or modernize a dated room for new amenities.
  • Kitchen – Our team can help you completely change the theme and appearance of your kitchen. We can offer custom cabinetry, premium countertops, and additions like islands and walk-in pantries to boost this room of the house.
  • Spare Bedroom – Have a room that no longer has a purpose? Why not change it into an office space or recreational room? 
  • Attic – From massive walk-in closets to converting to another living space for bedrooms, attics are often untapped resources for renovations.


It can be challenging to take a space and re-envisioning it to accommodate changes to your family size or daily life. Homeowners look to general contractors like us to help them see what is possible with their space since remodeling and full additions are not always feasible. 

Remodeling and Additions 

Another area where you might look to our Santangelo team to help is with entire additions to a residence. Remodeling is often enticing to homeowners because it keeps them from listing their properties and purchasing a new place based on changing home dynamics. Extending the exterior of your home to accommodate a new office, master bedroom, or additional square footage may offer a quicker and less expensive solution. Our general contractors are involved from start to finish, from the foundation pouring to the trim work on your completed room.

Skilled General Contractor in Stuart

You may need a qualified and skilled general contractor in Stuart for many projects in your house. Santangelo Construction can help you through every design phase until you enjoy the finished product. Call us to help at (561) 301-3954.

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