A General Contractor for Your Orchid Island Home Makes Life Easier

We Get Your Project Done Quickly and Correctly 

Having an available general contractor means that you have more flexibility with the renovations and remodeling projects you seek to begin. Santangelo Construction provides experienced professionals at every level of the construction project, helping to move a project through the early planning stages to the final paint stroke.

When Do You Need A General Contractor

While it is becoming more customary to attempt DIY renovations and remodeling, you must appreciate when a general contractor for your Orchid Island home is necessary. You should realize how involved a general contractor becomes in the whole building process, far exceeding just being there for the physical construction of the new structure. A quality general contractor like our firm will help you with the following:

  • Scheduling  

A general contractor must work with customers and distributors to schedule all aspects of a new build. It is also important that, alongside the scheduling, the deadlines and milestones are met to keep the project on track.

  • Managing the Budget

Money is not infinite. Restoration and remodeling project that starts has a budget. We work closely with the customer to determine what this cap is and what we can do to complete the project without exceeding this ceiling.

  • Construction

The most recognizable component of a general contracting team is having the professionals necessary to complete construction projects. We have experience and training in several niche areas, allowing us to keep projects in-house without subcontracting components.

  • Post-Build Inspections 

Post-construction inspections and assessments are another form of security for the homeowner. We work to evaluate all new construction to make sure it meets our high expectations and standards for a finished product. We also conduct this alongside our customers so they can input if any components of the build differ from what they wanted.

  • Customer Service 

Another role of a general contractor is interfacing with the customers throughout the construction project. Updates are essential to the process; they keep everybody informed about timelines and what to expect with on-site work.

Santangelo is a Trusted Choice for a General Contractor

So why Santangelo? For starters, we have been serving the region for years, building a reputation as firm and solid as the construction projects we complete. We understand how to listen and leverage our resources as a licensed general contractor to complete your project quickly and within your budget. When it’s time for a new construction project, appreciate how an experienced and knowledgeable general contractor like Santangelo Construction can help. We are ready to help you see what’s possible in your upcoming renovation, from planning the schematics to installing with expert craftsmanship. Call us at (561) 301-3954.

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